【Product Info】Flex Flat Cable

Published Date : 2021-12-21

Flex Flat Cable is abbreviated as flexible flat cable or FFC. It is a new type of

flexible flat cable formed by pressing PET or insulating materials and extremely

thin flat copper wires through automatic equipment production lines.

It has the advantages of flexible bending, thinness, small size, easy disassembly,

and solving electromagnetic shielding (EMI). The FFC is connected to the PCB

board through the connector on the PCB board, and is suitable for data transmission

between moving parts and the main board, board-to-board, and miniaturized electrical

equipment. At present, it is widely used in the connection between various printer

motherboards, and the signal transmission board connection of audio, notebook

computers, LCD TVs, fax machines, various photocopying equipment, vehicle equipment

and other products. In modern electrical equipment, it is everywhere. As the price cost of

FFC cable is better than FPC, the application will become more and more widespread.

In most places where FPC is used, FFC can basically be used instead.